Finance Policy

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Напомена Wikimedia Serbia Board approved this Policy on April 4, 2012

Wikimedia Serbia (hereinafter: the Association) is a registered and independent legal person known as „Викимедија Србије“ or „Wikimedia Serbia“ which has a round seal with the following words inscribed: „Викимедија Србије Београд“ or „Wikimedia Serbia Belgrade“ along with the stylized human figure centered.

This Policy is governed by applicable laws, policies and Bylaws of the Association.


The financial plans and reports of the Association shall be reviewed and adopted by the Assembly of the Association.

The Board shall take financial decisions and forward financial reports to the Assembly. All the financial documents shall be signed on behalf of the Board by an authorized representative appointed by the Board.

The Association shall be represented by the Secretary General appointed by the Board. The Secretary General shall be authorized to sign all pecuniary documents as well as to prepare the work plan, financial plans and final financial reports and forward them to the Board.


The Association shall obtain funds from membership fees, grants, donations and by applying for financial supporting its projects implementation. The Association may transfer its financial resources to other non-profit associations. All the financial resources of the Association shall be used to achieve and promote its statutory goals including coverage of the costs of the everyday work in accordance with the normative acts of the Association.

A member is duty-bound to pay the membership fees. The membership fees shall be determined by the Board. The decision of exemption considering quantity and quality of any individual voluntary contributions shall be taken by the Board, and the exception considering the interests of the charity shall be approved by the Board.

The payments shall be processed via a bank account.

Assets in the event of dissolution

The Association shall be dissolute by the Assembly decision and in other instances provided by the law.

In the event of dissolution, the assets of the Association shall be transfered to the domestic non-profit legal person directed on the same or similar goals which shall be identified by the Assembly in the decision on dissolution.

Additional provisions

The financial affairs including accounting shall be managed by licensed accounting professionals and based on a written agreement with the Board in accordance with Privacy Policy and Professional Engagement Policy. These contractors shall be obliged to forward the financial report to the Board by the 20th of each month regarding the previous month. Their financial reports shall be forwarded in a shorter period of time and the financial documentation shall be reviewed by any authorized representatives of the Board in accordance with Privacy Policy, upon request.

These contractors shall be obliged to forward any information and explanations needed for submitting the financial plan to the Secretary General, upon request.

The financial plan and applicable laws shall apply to this Finance Policy.

Changes and updates

The valid Finance Policy is published on the website of the Association.

This Finance Policy may be changed at any time without prior notice. Such changes shall be announced on the mailing list of the Association. In order to stay informed about any changes to this Conflict of Interest Policy, the periodic review is advised.