Staff Policy

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Напомена Wikimedia Serbia Board approved this Policy on April 4, 2012, and the Wikimedia Serbia Assembly modified and approved it on February 24, 2013

Wikimedia Serbia (hereinafter: the Association) may engage administrative, financial, media, IT, legal and other professionals for providing professional services when needed, by a written agreement and in accordance with its Privacy Policy and applicable laws.

Principles of Staff Policy:

  1. Prohibition of discrimination in respect to any individual sex, origin, language, race, color of skin, age, pregnancy, health status or disability, nationality, religion, marital status, familial commitments, sexual orientation, political or other belief, social background, financial status, membership in political organizations, trade unions or any other personal quality;
  2. Prohibition of harassment or sexual harassment;
  3. Prevention of harassment;
  4. Engagement on a full-time or part-time basis, for a definite or indefinite period time;
  5. Performing the professional duties inside the premises of the Association as well as outside;
  6. Daily recess of no less than 30 minutes;
  7. Annual holiday of no less than 20 business days;
  8. Safety and protection of life and health;
  9. Appropriate salary;
  10. Compensation on salary during annual holiday or in the event of illness;
  11. Reimbursement of expense of travel and accommodation in the event of business trip;
  12. Right to terminate employment;
  13. Bona fides (“good faith”).

The provision of acceptance all the terms of Privacy Policy shall be included in any agreement and the provision of authorization for personal data collection and processing if this collection and processing are necessary to perform any professional duties.

Selection process and agreement

The preferred candidate shall be selected by the Board via advertising. If the preferred candidate is a member of the Board, his/her membership in the Board shall be automatically terminated (conflict of interests). If the candidate's membership in the Board is automatically terminated he/she may be a member of the Association.

During the selection process, the Board shall evaluate any individual rank of expertise, professionalism and other personal qualities based on provided data, and select the preferred candidate by voting. Any candidate who is a member of the Board, shall recuse him- or herself from the selection process, voting or any other participation in the decision making process.

After selecting the preferred candidate, the Board shall notify his/her of its decision and the date and place of signing an agreement, without delay.

An agreement shall be made in a written form. If the preferred candidate renounces to sign the agreement, the Board shall make an offer to the next final candidate or renew the selection process if no final candidates remain.

Termination of agreement

An agreement for a definite period of time is terminated by the expiration of the period. An agreement may be extended under the same or different terms and conditions with the mutual written agreement between the designated parties or terminated before its expiration by an agreement between the employer and the employee or in another manner provided by the law.

Resolution of disputes

All the potential disputes between parties shall be resolved by reaching an amicable settlement. When an amicable settlement is not possible, the dispute shall be submitted to the court located in Belgrade.

Changes and updates

The valid Staff Policy is published on the website of the Association.

This Staff Policy may be changed at any time without prior notice. Such changes shall be announced on the mailing list of the Association. In order to stay informed about any changes to this Conflict of Interest Policy, the periodic review is advised.